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header Buying Tips

Basic Tips and Ideas for First-Time Home Buyers and Buyers
The Importance Of The Standard Home Inspection
Home Inspections are intended to assist you in comprehending the overall condition of a residential property. The home inspection report could save you considerable time during the home purchase process as well as many thousands of dollars in needed repairs. It is unthinkable to purchase a home without a home inspection being conducted as it will point out many areas which may require maintenance and repair that you would not necessarily be able to identify yourself. The areas that may be covered include the property lot and outdoor grounds, the structure itself including all exterior surfaces, the various roofs, the garage or carport, the attic, the basement, any crawl spaces, and very importantly the heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing systems. A thorough home inspection will also cover the fireplace and any wood burning devices, as well as appliance condition. Keep in mind that your inspection rights are firmly stated in the Contract For Sale and that they will vary depending what part of Canada you’re in. In some relatively rare cases homes can even be sold in an "as-is" condition even though a complete standard home inspection may take place.

Additional Types Of Home Inspections
It is common knowledge that conventional standard home inspections are necessary to determine any repairs the home might need. However, as your real estate agent and looking out for your best interests, I may suggest these required or recommended additional inspections: Termite Inspection to determine the presence of wood-destroying insects or organisms such as fungus; Asbestos Inspection to check if asbestos fibers are present and evaluate their current condition; Composition Board Siding Inspection plus any areas of elevated moisture; Stucco Siding Inspection checks both cement-based "traditional" stucco as well as synthetic stucco; Lead Paint Inspection discovers the presence of lead paint; Pool / Hot Tub Inspection to evaluate the operability and condition of this equipment and its decks; Private Well Flow & Potability Inspection to determine if a private well adequately supplies drinkable water to the property; and an Underground Storage Tank Inspection through a soil or vacuum test determines if any underground tanks which store oil have contaminated the soil. There are various different types of inspections which may be called for in particular property cases. Obtaining the correct inspections for a home prior to its purchase is a smart decision which protects your investment.

Preparing For The Big Moving Day
Prior to a move you should gather all your records and the various memorabilia in your home and make plans to move them as carefully as you possibly can. These include: Diplomas and school records; Family genealogies and pictures; Family medical and tax records; as well as social organizations, business or other memorabilia. You should also make sure that you notify utility providers, media suppliers and others before moving. Make a list of businesses that will need to be notified and check them off as you go: Natural gas company; Electric power supplier; Water company; Cable provider; Local and long distance telephone providers; Credit card companies and banks; Stock broker and mutual fund accounts; Religious organizations; Magazine subscriptions and book clubs; and any Recreational clubs such as Country, Boating and Sporting. Other great tips to prepare for a smooth move include starting to winnow down your fridge and freezer’s contents several weeks before the move as moving cold or frozen food is often problematical. Remember that moving day is especially hard on the family pets. Therefore have them properly groomed prior to the move and make plans to get them to your new home quickly.

Special Considerations When Moving With Children
For some children, moving can be an upsetting experience. Communicate realistically and openly with all members of the family as early as possible. Here are a few helpful hints to make the transition easy: Inform your children of the fact that you will be moving and include them in the decision making process. If possible, allow them to help in selecting the new home to give them a feeling of "ownership." This will make the move a little more pleasant. Let children pack/unpack their belongings themselves as it will reinforce that they are a participant in the process. Don't force children to get rid of items in an effort to make the move "easier" as that might make the wrenching process even harder on them. Take pictures of the new home and school and collect special items from the neighbourhood. Get acquainted with new teachers and sports coaches. Assign age-related tasks for each family member so everyone feels included. Be sure to include the grandparents, relatives, family members and friends of the children in the excitement of moving to a new home. After all, moving can be seen as an exciting and fun adventure!

Please let me know if you would like to get more tips about home buying process.